Our Packages

We go the extra mile with every detail

Exterior Detail

What sets our exterior detail apart?  To begin, we use the most efficient system for a proper cleaning. Starting with the wheels, we treat and clean all parts of the wheel and tire, removing brake dust and contaminants that collect with daily use. We then tackle the wheel wells and decontaminate all of the heavily soiled areas of your vehicle (Front bumper and windshield for bugs/road grime, and all lower panels that collect more contamination (think mud, tar, and brake dust)).  We do this first to insure proper washing in the following steps. Next we cover your vehicle in a thick layer of foam using our foam cannon and hand wash the exterior head to toe. This insures proper lubrication of the exterior and helps minimize the risk of scratching the paint. Once your vehicle is good and clean we then move on to removing bonded contamination left over after the wash. (insert link to blog post on Bonded Contamination) This requires more lubrication and the use of a Clay Bar. After all the contamination is removed we then rinse your vehicle using deionized water which provides a spot free finish and no need to worry about water spots. (insert link to blog post on DI Water). Finally, we protect your paint with a polymer based sealant that provides protection up to 6 months and dress all tires and trim.  We also offer a ceramic based sealant that protects your paint from the sun and provides protection 10X greater than wax! (insert link to ceramic sealant blog post) We finish every exterior detail by polishing your windows inside and out to a perfect shine.

Interior Detail

Our interior detail stands apart from the competition for a number of reasons. First, We thoroughly vacuum your vehicle and trunk space, pulling out all of your mats and repositioning the seats as we go to make sure that we cover the most surface area possible. Using a combination of steam and a water-based, eco-friendly cleaner, we then thoroughly go over all panels, vents, and cup holders. This allows us to tackle tough stains and sticky messes other cleanings cannot handle. Once we’ve finished removing all the grit and grime from your vehicle’s interior we direct our attention to the seats. If they are cloth, we spot treat them for stains and use our hot water extractor (or steam machine)  to get them as clean as possible.* (insert link to blog post on steam) If leather, we use a ph-balanced cleaner along with steam to open up and  remove dirt and oils trapped within the pores while keeping the leather’s integrity intact (insert link to blog post on steam).  After properly cleaning your seats, we use a three-step process to give your floors the shampooing they deserve.  We begin by using our cloth fabric cleaner to spot treat any stains and clean your cabin’s floor. Once we’re done scrubbing, our steam machine tackles anything remaining in the carpet (food, gum, oil, etc) using piping hot steam to insure a proper clean. Our hot water extractor heats water up to a full 200 degrees to pull out all of the dirt and grime from the fabric. We then apply a leather conditioner (if applicable) and dress all interior surfaces (upon request) Finally, we finish things off by cleaning all of the jambs (including the trunk) and polishing your windows to a perfect shine.

*Some stains will not come out. What the stain is and how long the stain has been in the fabric will determine how successful we are at removing it. We will remove as much as possible.

Special Treatments

Add the extra shine to your vehicle

Clay Bar

Using a bar of detailing clay and lubricant, we remove harmful contamination from your vehicle’s paint such as tar, mulch spores, bugs, etc. which can cause damage over time.


Because what’s over your head needs love too. We scrub, spot treat, and throughly clean your entire headliner with our cloth fabric cleaner.

Interior Protection

We give your vehicle’s interior panels and dashboard an extra layer of protection that helps to repel water, dirt, and dust and also protects surfaces from the damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Leather Treatment

We apply a special conditioner that moisturizes the leather and helps prevent cracking and fading while also protecting your leather from damaging solar rays.

Paint Sealant

We use a durable paint sealant that was developed exclusively for the aerospace industry. It bonds directly to the surface of paint or chrome, allowing it to create a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and solar rays and give your vehicle a smooth finish and brilliant shine.

Scratch Removal

We polish and remove scratches to your vehicle, however are only able to do so as long as they have not gone through the clear coat.  We will need to see the scratch(es) in order to best estimate our success.