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2018 is off to a hot start for us at Halo. As we grow, we are constantly pursuing the best methods and practices to serve you our customer. We want you to be informed and have the knowledge needed to make a wise purchasing decision. With that in mind, we will begin implementing new processes for cleaning your most prized possession outside of your home.

Starting June 1 clay bar treatments will be required in all exterior care packages (exterior, combo, and premium packages) for first time customers. Most vehicles (older than 6 months) have contaminates that bond to the surface of the paint which can cling to the surface even after a proper wash (insert link to contaminates blog post). These contaminants can be visible to the naked eye but most are not, and ALL of them prevent proper bonding between the protective coating (ceramic sealant, polymer sealant, wax) and your paint. This means your vehicle’s protection won’t be as durable or last as long requiring more upkeep.

We have already updated our washing methods to include both our original “low water high touch method” and our new “foam bath method” for vehicles on the dirtier side of things. (insert link to which wash is right for you? Blog post)

We are also now offering a one step polish for premium packages and have expanded our protection care to include a ceramic sealant which is 10x more durable than wax!

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