About Ceramics

What Is A Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a long-lasting extra layer of protection and shine for your car’s paint. It is similar to a wax or sealant, but lasts 6-12x longer.  When a ceramic coating is applied to your vehicle, the silica-based liquid polymer chemically bonds to your car’s paint, forming an exterior shell that protects your car from scratches, dirt, oxidation, water spots, and other potentially damaging contaminants.

We are proud to be an IGL Coatings approved installer.

Benefits Of Ceramic Coatings

Extra Protection

A ceramic coating provides a durable added layer of protection for your paint.

Easier Care

Ceramic coatings also make paint more hydrophobic, which makes future washes easier.

Improved Appearance

A ceramic coating improves the appearance of your vehicle by increasing the depth and shine of your paint.

Keep Your Car’s Value

The added protection helps avoid paint damage and keeps the value of your vehicle high for its lifespan.

Cost Comparison

Service1 yr. cost2 yr. cost3 yr. cost4 yr. cost5 yr. cost6 yr. cost
Exterior Wash and Sealant (4x/yr. at $130)
Ceramic Coating (1x at $400) and Maintenance Washes every 6 mo. ($95)

Paint Correction

In order for a ceramic coating to be applied, the paint cannot be too thin and must be free of defects. Otherwise, the coating will lock in debris and other blemishes.  Before applying a coating, we test each panel of your vehicle with a paint density gauge and perform a thorough inspection for any scratches or imperfections that cannot be removed through compounding.  For all areas requiring additional care, we can perform paint correction for an additional fee.

Step 1: Decontaminate

We start with our in-depth hand wash and thorough decontamination of the vehicle. This is a difference maker when trying to restore your paint and make it more visually appealing.

Step 2: Repair

We use a compound to remove swirls, scratches, and randomized defects from the clear coat. With this correction, we are aiming to remove about 85% of the defects from your paint and leave a dramatically improved surface. ​

Step 3: Polish

Polish is used to remove any remaining light swirls or scratches to add optical clarity and depth to the paint.

Step 4: Seal

Once the correction stages are complete the vehicle is finished with a high-quality silica spray sealant (a ceramic coating) for added shine and additional protection.


EcoCoat Quartz+

$ 495*

*Price for standard carSmall SUV/Truck: $595

Large SUV/Minivan/Truck: $695

  • Thorough hand-wash and surface decontamination
  • Sealant applied to all exterior painted surfaces
  • May require Level 1 Paint Correction (not included)
  • Protects your vehicle for 2-3 yrs.

Level 1 Paint Correction

$ 495*

*Price for standard carSmall SUV/Truck: $595

Large SUV/Minivan/Truck: $695

  • Added depth and clarity 
  • Removes 80-90% of defects 
  • Improves resale value of vehicle
  • Pair with EcoCoat Quartz+ for complete protection
  • *All paint correction prices are estimates

Ultimate Protection Package

$ 895*

*Price for a standard carSmall SUV/Truck: $995

Large SUV/Minivan/Truck: $1095

  • Thorough hand-wash and surface decontamination
  • Level 1 Paint Correction
  • EcoQuartz+ coating
  • *Paint correction prices are estimates