Be The Change

Halo was created with the goal of being different.  From the very beginning, we’ve sought to give back, be a positive part of the community, and be the change that we want to see in the world.  It’s why we get up to go to work every morning.  We want our humble business to be a part of something bigger—something that creates lasting change.

Water Walkers

Our goal to create lasting change led us to partner with and give a portion of our proceeds to Water Walkers.  Through a water/adventure sports program and after-school tutoring and mentoring, Water Walkers is helping kids to challenge themselves, face fears, develop new passions, grow in knowledge and confidence, and realize that they are capable of having the future they see for themselves.

Did you know?

78.1% of students

across Metro Nashville Public Schools cannot do math at their current grade level.

86% of students

who live in poverty cannot proficiently read at their grade level.

Only 15.6%

of low-income students at Carter-Lawrence Elementary can read and write at grade level, compared to 47.6% of non-low-income students.

Get Involved

You can help Water Walkers make waves in Nashville’s inner-city.  Give now of head to their site to learn more.