The Monthly Wellness Hack

Here at Halo, we love anything that helps us de-stress our lives. There’s a lot that goes into detailing vehicles day-in and day-out that has nothing to do with the actual cleaning processes. From the hot and humid days of summer to the coldest parts of winter, we are continually exposed to varying climates, fast-paced working conditions, and never ending challenges that will stress even the most “zen” people out. That’s why we believe being proactive about our personal health is of the utmost importance. It helps us stay focused while serving our customers and gives us the strength to do it all year round.

Our Monthly Wellness Hack is dedicated to passing on the hacks that we use daily to help us better serve the community around us. Our hope is that through our hacks you can find some tips that will better serve you as you navigate the stresses you face in your daily life.

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Monthly Wellness Hack–June

Embrace the “Thin Moments”

A wise woman once taught me about the all important “thin moments” we stumble upon while walking down the road of life. Moments when heaven and earth seamingly become one if only for an instance. These moments bring us joy, contentment, reflection, and, most of all, a sense of being connected to something higher than ourselves.

It’s these moments that make our lives worth living.

If we’re not careful however, life can get the best of us. It can strip us of these moments and leave us feeling as if there is nothing to life but shades of gray. The “rat race” of our life, whether it be work, relationships, or vices vie and consume our attention. They take us further and further away from those moments that matter most. One year turns into three, then into five, until we’re left waking up wondering “how did I get here??” In my life, I have been just as guilty of this as the next person. I have however, experienced these wonderful moments though and it gives me the drive to feel them again.

To feel these moments, we must slow down, we must breath deep, and we must be open to new people and situations.  But, most of all, we must reflect and be thankful for the story we have been given.  

We must use our story to better those who have been put around us.

Maybe you don’t need Halo for a freshly detailed vehicle. Maybe, you just stumbled upon this site and onto this very post. Whatever brought you here, we hope you’ll take the time to pursue your “thin moments” again.

Life is too short to live in the gray.

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