Our Packages

We go the extra mile with every detail

Exterior Detail – Five Step Wash

1.   Pre-Wash: We add a thick layer of soap to power through brake dust, dirt, grime, tar, and bugs on wheels, tires, and bumpers.

2.   Foam Cannon: We cover the entire vehicle with thick layer of foam then we hand wash the exterior, door jams, wheel wells, and wheels.

3.   Clay Bar: We then use a clay bar to remove any remaining bonded contamination to give the vehicle a glass smooth surface.

4.   Spot Free Rinse: We use deionized filtered water to remove soap leaving your vehicle with a reflective shine and no water spots.

5.   Polymer Paint Sealant: Lastly, we cover the vehicle pain with our premium polymer sealant that provides exterior protection for up to 6 months.

Interior Detail – Five Stage Clean

1.   Power Vacuum: Using our high-flow vacuum we deep suction and brush your mats, seats, and trunk, removing all dirt, debris, and allergens from your interior.

2.   Eco Clean: With a combination of steam and an Eco-friendly cleaner, we then thoroughly go over all panels, vents, cup holders, and pockets.

3.   Stain Removal: Using hot water and a cloth fabric cleaner we spot treat and scrub to remove and stuck on stains, food, gum, and oils from your floor boards, mats, and seats.

4.   Power Steam: Heating water up to a full 200 degrees we then pull out all of the remaining dirt and grime from your fabric insuring a superior deep clean.

5.   Conditioner: *Upon request we will dress all interior surfaces including leather (if applicable) as well as polish your windows to a perfect shine

Special Treatments

Add the extra shine to your vehicle

Clay Bar

By using a bar of detailing clay and lubricant during car hand washes in Nashville, we remove harmful contamination from your vehicle’s paint such as tar, mulch spores, bugs, etc. which can cause damage over time.


Because what’s over your head needs love too. We scrub, spot treat, and throughly clean your entire headliner with our cloth fabric cleaner during every auto detailing in Nashville.

Interior Protection

During auto detailing in Nashville we give your vehicle’s interior panels and dashboard an extra layer of protection that helps to repel water, dirt, and dust and also protects surfaces from the damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Leather Treatment

We apply a special conditioner that moisturizes the leather and helps prevent cracking and fading while also protecting your leather from damaging solar rays.

Paint Sealant

We use a durable paint sealant that was developed exclusively for the aerospace industry. It bonds directly to the surface of paint or chrome, allowing it to create a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and solar rays and give your vehicle a smooth finish and brilliant shine.

Scratch Removal

We polish and remove scratches to your vehicle during our auto detailing services in Nashville, however are only able to do so as long as they have not gone through the clear coat.  We will need to see the scratch(es) in order to best estimate our success.