Our Nashville Auto Detailing Packages

We go the extra mile with every detail

Exterior Detail

Five Step Wash

1. Clean Wheels

Removes unwanted brake dust and prepares the tire to be dressed.

2. Pre-Soak

We soak your vehicle head to toe with a ph-balanced solution to aid in the breakdown of dirt, grime, tar, and bugs on your exterior’s surface.

3. Foam Cannon

We then cover your vehicle with thick layer of foam and hand wash the exterior.

4. Dress Tires/Touch-up Wheels

Your tires will look good as new with this step.

5. Apply Paint Sealant

Lastly, we cover the vehicle pain with our premium polymer sealant that provides exterior protection for up to 3 months.

Interior Detail

Six Stages of Clean

1.   Pre-Vacuum

This step comes first to insure your carpets and seats are prepared for step #3 (shampooing).

2.  Wipe Down

With a combination of steam and an Eco-friendly cleaner, we thoroughly go over and wipe down all panels, vents, dash, cup holders, and pockets.

3.  Spot Treat/Shampoo Carpets and Mats

Using our extractor and a cloth fabric cleaner we spot treat and scrub all carpets, mats, and seats (if applicable) to remove stuck on stains, food, and oils. This step is a must have for young families or individuals who frequently use their vehicle!

4.  Door Jambs

Do you have months (or years) of dirt and gunk built up in the jambs of your vehicle? Our Nashville auto detail techs will make sure they are clean again by performing this step.

5.  Windows Inside and Out

Streaky windows are a pain. We’ll be sure to go over them twice to insure a “streak free” shine.

6.  Final Vacuum

Our final vacuum insures that your interior and trunk space are freshly prepared for your inspection.

Special Treatments

Add the extra shine to your vehicle

Clay Bar

With ample trees, construction, and sunshine contamination may build up on your vehicle’s exterior that may not be removed by a hand wash alone. By using a detailing clay mitt and lubricant during our Nashville car hand washes, Halo can remove that harmful contamination from your vehicle’s paint such as tar, mulch spores, bugs, etc. which can cause damage over time.


Have a really dirty headlinder causing you extra stress? Are you a smoker looking to quit but your vehicle reeks of smoke? Let us know when scheduling your appointment in the comments section. We’ll be sure to scrub, spot treat, and throughly clean your entire headliner.

Ozone Treatment

Do you have a horrible smell that you can’t get rid of? Did you just purchase a vehicle who’s previous owner smoked? If so, you may want to consider adding our ozone treatment to your booking. By eliminating the stinky oxygen molecules in your cabin space you will be driving away odor free for the road ahead.

Leather Treatment

Help protect your leather and prevent cracking and fading by adding our leather treatment to your Nashville auto detailing services.

 Ceramic Sealant

If you’re looking for a more durable protectant for your vehicle’s exterior upgrade your detail with our ceramic sealant option through our booking page. Stronger than a traditional sealant, our ceramic based sealant bonds directly to the surface of your paint or chrome, providing it with a durable barrier against water spots, contamination, road grime, and solar rays.

Scratch Removal

For our scratch removal services, please contact us directly through our contact us page. We will contact you directly to set up a consultation.