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Protect your paint with our ceramic-based sealant.
Wheel cleaning and tire dressing are included in every exterior hand wash.
Does your interior need more than a basic vacuum and wipe down? Select one (or all!) of the following add-ons: Nooks and Crannies, Floor Mats, Seats and Carpets, or Pet Hair.
Add our clay-bar treatment for stubborn contamination on your paint.
Power through rainy days with our streak-free window treatment.

Every Detail Starts Here

Like customizing your favorite pizza, you’ll start with the essentials. Every Express detail begins with the basics for a quick and easy clean—a thorough interior vacuum and a wipe down of your interior surfaces, door jambs, and windows plus an exterior hand wash, wheel cleaning, and dressing applied to your tires. Next, pick and choose the add-ons best suited for your vehicle.


*Price is for a standard sedan

Small SUV: $175
Large SUV/Minivan/Truck: $200



Build your detail to your preferences by adding any of the following services.

Nooks & Crannies

$ 50*

Per Vehicle

Blow out the cracks, crevices, and
vents as well as steam clean the
intrument panel, cupholders,
and door panels.

Floor Mats

$ 5

Per Mat

We steam-clean your floor mats
to extract the dirt and debris,
bringing them back to life.

Carpets & Seats

$ 20

Per Section

We bring your carpets and seats
back to life through spot
treatment & extraction.

Pet Hair

$ 25

Per Vehicle

Pets may enrich our lives, but
not our vehicles.  Reclaim your
car’s carpets from all of
that pesky pet hair.

Exterior Hand Wash

$ 50

Per Vehicle

We utilize a high-shine hand
wash, clean the wheels and
wheel wells, and dress the tires.
add our ceramic sealant to give
your car the perfect shine.

Rain Repellent

$ 20

Per Vehicle

We apply a special solution to
keep your windows clear
and clean for longer.

Ceramic Sealant

$ 45

Per Vehicle

Our ceramic-based sealant
bonds directly to the surface
of your paint or chrome, providing
a durable barrier against water
spots, contamination, road
grime, and solar rays.

Clay Bar

$ 45

Per Vehicle

By using a detailing clay mitt and
lubricant during car hand washes
Halo can remove that harmful
contamination from your
vehicle’s paint like tar, mulch
spores, and bugs.

Scratch Removal & Polishing

We will gladly remove scratches from you vehicle when possible. However, because of the varying nature of scratches, prices are only available by estimate upon request and once we have seen the scratches.

Pet Hair Removal Fee

Have a pet? We do too! As much as we love them their hair can be a serious pain and add tremendous time to a detail which is why we require a removal fee for vehicles with moderate to severe pet hair. $25-100.

Extra Cleaning Fee

We try to hold to our prices whenever possible, however there are times when an extra cleaning fee may be incurred.  If, upon arrival, our technician determines the time needed to complete the detail will exceed the times listed above an extra cleaning fee will be assessed between $25-100.

Multiple Vehicle Discount

We are happy to offer 10% off any interior and exterior car detail in Nashville when there are 2 vehicles on a site.