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Are your headlights a sight for sore eyes? Do you wonder if there’s anything that can be done? You, my friend, may be a prime candidate for our headlight restoration service! Not only are foggy headlights a drag to look at, they can also diminish the visibility you have at night. Talk about a real drag!

So what causes the fog monster? Typically, it’s a combination of three factors. These are:

Overexposure to UV (ultra-violet) rays

This is the main reason for foggy headlights. over time the UV rays beat down (radiate) on the surface of your lens causing small holes or “pits” within the lens surface. These small pits when packed right next to each other cause the foggy appearance.

Long term exposure to dirt and chemicals

Vehicles not on a proper washing schedule increase their potential for developing the fog monster. Improper detailing can also aid in the degradation of lenses when “overspray” (typically a degreaser) is left on the surface of the lense to dry.

Driving on damaged roads

This is the least likely culprit of our monster friend and typically serves as an aid to the total loss of clarity.

Don’t put off driving with diminished headlights any longer. Let Halo restore your vision and safety today!

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