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Dangers of Car Washes 

In our on the go modern society our cars taking a beating on the road. Dirt, tree sap, and bug splatters cover our cars and make them hard to look at. However, washing our cars by hand can exert much more energy than we want after a long week of work and taking your kids to practice. Your mind automatically thinks of  going to a car wash. It’s quick and usually offers a free vacuum service. On the surface, car washes are a great idea for cleaning your car. However, everything that glitters isn’t gold.

Here are 4 reasons to stay away from car washes.

1. Damage your paint 

Older car washes use to have the bristle scrubbers but the modern car washes have the cloth rollers that require regular cleaning. If the car before you went mudding,  the mud would attach to cloths rollers and slap against your car. The mud breaks down into tiny rocks which would chip away at the paint of your car. Over time this would diminish the cosmetic value of the car.

2. Harsh Cleaning Chemicals are used

Some car washes use cleaning agents with one of the main ingredients being hydrofluoric acid. Over time the acid eats away the paint and the protective wax causing expensive damage. The potency of hydrofluoric acid  in these cleaning agents are so strong that the CDC issued a warning to the car wash industry. I thought you loved your car?

3. Recycled Water

The use of of recycled water is a economical and environmental friendly concept. However, the purification systems aren’t 100% effective. Therefore, dirt and grime seeps into the water, which is splashed back unto you car. This is like running miles outside, taking shower and then putting those clothes back on.

4. Accumulated Dirt

Car washes don’t wash off all the dirt on your car. Over time the health of your vehicle will decline and eventually turn into a rust bucket. Degrading the overall resale value of your vehicle. Therefore, the better option would be to have your car cleaned and dried by hand.


Investing in your vehicle heath’s can provide a substantial return in the long run. Car washes, while they save your time and are less expensive, over a long period of time the damage to car will eventually put a strain on your wallet. Washing your car by hand with microfiber cloths and car wash soap products is the best option. If your schedule is filled and you want to enjoy your day with your family, friends or just want to take care business. Contact Halo and we’ll send out a professional to your home or job to wash your car for you.


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