Welcome to the Halo family!

Thanks so much for scheduling a detail with us!  We look forward to helping you simplify your life and providing you with the very best service and care for your vehicle.  You will receive a confirmation email for your booking that will go over what to expect from and how to prepare for your detail.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Day of Appointment

What to expect:

  • Your tech will contact you once he/she is en route to your location
  • Please address any areas of concern that you would like to be addressed. 
  • Once finished, complete the Post-detail Checklist with your tech to give them the “thumbs up.” 

Extra Cleaning Fee

Please remember that vehicles that require extra cleaning time will be subject to an Extra Cleaning Fee.  We know that nobody likes unexpected fees, so in order to help you prevent this cost, here are some tips to follow.

Remove personal items

It saves a lot of time and energy if you remove your personal belongings from your vehicle prior to your detail.

Remove all trash

This is pretty straight forward.  If you have obvious trash inside your vehicle, take this out so that we can get to the real task of cleaning your car.

Lightly vacuum

For vehicles in severe condition, doing a quick, light vacuum on your own will help you steer clear of the extra cleaning fee.